Dr Michael Marinetto

Lecturer in Public Management
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Teaching profile

In terms of my teaching experience at Cardiff University Business School, I have a wide range of courses/modules. I have taught, inter alia, organisation behaviour and research methods at undergraduate level and human resource management and change management at post-graduate, Masters level.

At the moment, I teach a second year module on managing public services. Moreover, I have developed and currently coordinate a third year module on Business Ethics/CSR, covering such areas as the application of ethical theory to modern business, ethical investment and shareholder activism and environmental responsibility.

In addition, I am principal supervisor for a student (Jenna Pandelli) conducting doctoral research into freeganism. In my teaching, I am a champion, and enthusiastic user, of Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) and blended-learning techniques. I have been keen to experiment with, and adopt, digital tools and internet technologies to launch pedagogical innovations. Principally, I have employed podcasts and video media in my teaching.

Here is a list of my current teaching activities:

  • Ethics and Morality of Business (BS3728)
  • Managing Public Services (BS 2538) Doctoral supervision

Research interests

Below I have a summary of my key publications to date. My research interests follow two areas: CSR/business ethics and secondly policy analysis and public institutions.

Combining my interests in ethics and public sector professionals, I am currently undertaking work on the professionalization of academia, considering the political, intellectual and ethical implications surrounding this development.


Additional activities

I am currently the external examiner for the Business and Community MSc in the Department of Social and Policy Sciences at Bath University

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